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Ed Krattiger was born and raised in “Beautiful Downtown Burbank” California, home to Warner Bros. and Disney Studios. It was at an early age that he realized that this is the city in which dreams become reality. It was also where he started his illustrious career in radio at “The World Famous KROQ”. For years he was the Assistant Production Director where he voiced and produced thousands of commercials.

He was then hand picked by XM Satellite Radio’s Programming Department to be the voice and Imaging Director of four separate channels, “Fred”, “Beyond Jazz”, “Special X” and “XM Comedy”.

With over twenty years working in the L.A. Audio, Broadcast, and Recording industry, he then left it all behind to pursue his dream of voice acting and acting. He has studied and completed the coursework at Braintracks Audio with Nancy Wolfson, as well as animation voice acting with Bob Bergen.

Ed has been a member of SAG-AFTRA since 2011, and when he is not auditioning in his home studio, he is taking acting and improv classes. He also enjoys writing songs, singing, playing the guitar and drums.




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